Posted: June 29, 2011 in #blogjune, Devilish Detail

Some time later, she was aware of being conscious again. Before a thought could form, she almost passed out again from the pain. But somehow, something deep inside her consciousness remembered that she needed to stay awake. Ignoring the agony that originated in her right knee and spread out to inflame every part of her skin. Past the grit, the dryness, and the pain, she could just make out some rusty corrugated iron above her. Past that, was cloudless blue sky, and the memory of hot, agonising torture. She knew that she shouldn’t push herself, that her reserves of energy was almost empty and she shouldn’t drain them, so she just lay there and slowly let herself remember.

She had been walking, an endless journey through intense heat, that had no beginning and no end. And yet… it had ended. She wasn’t walking now, so she must have stopped at some point. Gently forcing her eyes open again, she looked up at the corrugated iron and realised that it looked familiar. It was a roof. The roof of the local bus stop. She paused, remembering. This was her bus stop, where she and Blue had waited, and left from, so many weeks ago. Or was it that long? She frowned, realising that it must have only been several hours ago. It was still the same day. The same day?! The thought brought her up sharp. She had to get back! She had to… the thoughts disappeared again, back into the swirling vortex of pain that engulfed her mind, but the resolution remained. The sense of urgency that she had to get back up again, to leave the shade of the bus stop behind her and re-enter that relentless journey back to… back… The thoughts became too difficult, so she stopped them, knowing she’d need her strength for walking. Slowly she pulled herself onto her feet, and gritting her teeth, plunged back out into the sunshine.

(The beginning of this short story starts here…)


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