Day One post #blogjune challenge – in which I hang with my bestie and mop my floor

Posted: July 1, 2011 in Devilish Detail, Random thoughts

Thought I’d try something different now that #blogjune is over. Long blog titles that are more descriptive of the post itself. Just cos I can.

I must admit, I learned a couple of profound things while finishing Devilish Detail the other day. (Still not too resolved on that title, by the way…) First I learned that there is a lot of power in being the author of a work (well, d’uh!!!) but really, there is a LOT of power. I’ve never finished a story in such a way before, and I was surprised at the amount of authority I could exert over the characters’ possible demise. And I also learned that I like that kind of power. Perhaps it appeals to the ‘control freak’ part of me. But I really enjoyed having that influence. (Maybe that’s a strange concept. You see, I often feel as though it is the characters who create their own situations when I write. Yet in DD, it was definitely me who was manipulating their thoughts, words, actions. Unusual for me.)

So today I managed to finish off the artwork for the TV ad I’ve been designing. Got it done by 2.30am, and was SOOOOOO stoked! (It’s been bugging me, weighing over my head and all that) and then was up at 5 to finish off the newspaper article due midday. So by 10, I was MORE than ready to head off, ready to catch up with my BFF (!!!!!) at a playdate for our daughters. Especially seeing that it was the first time we’ve clapped peepers on eachother since about March! Almost got bogged on the way (but that’s another story!) but spending that time with her was just SO incredible. She’s such an inspiration to me and I love her to bits, so that was a brilliant part of my day.

And regular readers of my blog may know that housecleaning is not exactly my forte. I loathe, despise and detest it with a passion bordering on the psychotic. So to have spent some time tonight not just cleaning off the food dropped by my gorgeous messy children and then sweeping away the dust, but also mopping my floor is spectacularly splendid (hehe!) to say the least.


See you tomorrow, dear readers!

— Ceridwyn

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