Saturday mornings…

Posted: March 17, 2012 in Uncategorized

Mr 3, Miss 4 are watching Miss 7. She’s racing a skier – at least, it’s a person going down a snowy slope, but it might be a snowboarder, not a skier, I’m not too sure! – in the PS2 game “SnowDream” at Beerwah Library. We’ve chosen our books, DVD’s, CD’s and toys and Miss 7 has picked up some extra readers for the week, and now it’s play time. Before we came, the kids had Dora the Explorer and Diego to entertain them at home while I skyped, working on the proposal for an assignment due later this semester. Later, we’ll be making some lasagne together – one for tonight plus some smaller ones that we’ll freeze, and just hanging out doing what the kids want to do.
I love Saturdays. Especially when they’re like this.

  1. mag says:

    This is lovely. I shared it on FB. Hope you don’t mind! Maureen

  2. Jo says:

    Sounds like you have a good day planned 🙂

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