Olympic fever

Posted: July 25, 2012 in Life, Random thoughts

I’ve been blessed with pretty much zero athletic ability. Physical prowess isn’t something I have ever really valued highly. Okay, okay, when I was younger, I was a fairly good ballet dancer. I even won a couple of trophies for it! But the love I felt for dancing quickly waned when, in upper primary school, my dance class and I all passed the junior grades, and ‘graduated’ into pointe shoes, but my father didn’t want me to continue because I was such a tiny child and obviously not yet physically ready for such potential damage to my feet. So they all continued, and I didn’t. Oh well.

And dancing was about the only ‘sporting’ activity I was really good at. I’ve never really followed – or even been interested in, for that matter! – the cricket or footy codes, and even State of Origin is kind of a ‘ho hum’ in our house. So ‘Olympic Fever’ is just not going to catch on under my roof. Hubby feels the same. Opening Ceremony hasn’t even hit the TV screen yet, and already we’re complaining to each other that ‘there’s not going to be much on’ for the foreseeable future!

It’s fortunate then, that my cousin is coming to stay with us for part of this Olympic period. He’s my father’s sister’s eldest son, recently turned 40, and I haven’t set eyes on him in about 32 years. I’m really looked for ward to seeing him! (Plus, that should help me forget about the non-offering on TV for a while…!)

CC Image courtesy thedcms at http://www.flickr.com/photos/thedcms/7406700284/


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