Playgrounds and relaxation

Posted: August 25, 2012 in Random thoughts
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It’s Saturday morning again. This time last week, Hubby and I were with our kids at Pioneer Park. Today it’s just me – Hubby’s catching up on his CPA studies – and I promised my kids a while ago that we’d go to Skidaddle, a kids indoor playground at Caloundra. So here we are, and I feel as though I’m actually getting to ‘sit down’ for the first time this week. It’s been a week of rush rush rush, non-stop intensity, and go-go-go every day. I think I slept the least I’ve slept in *quite* some time, and that didn’t particularly add to my patience levels. But on the up-side, the illness that basically incapacitated me Sunday, Monday and Tuesday morning started responding to the antibiotics, and my tweeps ensured that I bought some yoghurt to help with the side effects, so by the ‘I need to start on Miss 7’s Octonaut costume’ of Tuesday evening, I could sew ‘boots’ and create a hat and collar without stopping every two seconds to blow my nose!
Now that hat was difficult. There is NO way I ever want to be a milliner (that’s a hat-maker, right?) because that was one of the most tricky things I’ve ever made! (Now to just convince both Miss 4 and Mr 3, that they will also each need to be an Octonaut in a future Book Week Parade…!)
So the costume was done by Wednesday, and then it was Book Fair, ad creation, story writing, Book Parade, and then Miss 7 winning a ‘Student of the Week’ award meant that I also spent every single day driving in between home and Caboolture, at least once a day. Thursday night I didn’t sleep, trying to make story and ad deadlines, with the final artwork submitted at 4.58pm Friday. Phew!
So now it’s Saturday again. Time to breathe. Maybe even relax. And to blog. Because I’ve missed it! And I’m going to endeavour to take things a little easier this week -if I can!

The Octonaut hat… Miss 7’s absolute favourite storybook character is Dashi Dog. Yay me.


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