Proud of me.

Posted: January 27, 2013 in Life

We’re housebound this weekend. Outside, the rain alternates with drizzle, and the wind goes from nothing to threatening-to-rip-the-roof-off within minutes. Seriously, you can almost *see* the grass growing. And it’s quite obvious just how much grass had died on our poor lawn.
Enough of that. We’re housebound. So Hubby & I decide that this weekend is the weekend we buy Miss 8 a new bed. (Hubby’s been wanting a new bed for her for simply *ages*, as he insists that her current one gives her no back support.) We’d been talking about a ‘study’ bed, with a desk underneath. So that’s what we got. And I assembled (with some help from Hubby, when it came to those STUPID ‘bolt-connectors’ that flat-pack furniture makers insist on using!) it.
I’m so proud of me!


  1. This is the bed we want for Miss A but at this stage can’t afford. Her room is very small and she will be needing a desk soon. I’m more wanting the bed so I have a good excuse to move out of her bed at night – I still sleep with her. You see, if we have a bunk or a bed like that, then there is no possible way I can get in and out easily!! Let me know how you go with making the bed, because I have heard people comment that those beds aren’t the easiest to make.

    • Yes, Miss 8’s bed *was* very expensive – just shy of the $800 mark – but the size of her room, and the fact that it has a built in desk AND chest of drawers, makes it just so convenient. And she loves it, which is awesome!!!
      Making the bed took longer than I had thought it would, but once I got into the hang of it (putting the drawers together etc) it got faster.
      We’re hoping to extend our house this year, so that Miss 5 and and Mr 3 have separate rooms, and my plan is to earn enough so that we can actually give each of them the exact same bed. Yes, that’s lots of money on beds – but they’re going to be in them for YEARS. (And thinking ahead, as a High School teacher with lots of years experience with teenagers, it’ll always be difficult to fit ‘two’ in these beds. So there, future boyfriends of my daughters – HA!)
      Hopefully making the next two will be easier. Miss 8’s took around 5 hours. I’d say you could do it in 3. Let me know how you go! 🙂

  2. Jo says:

    I’m proud of you for putting up the beds, but not for no posts 😦 i know you are busy now… but I miss my posts from Hmmm 😦

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