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It’s been a week (okay, just over!) since my last post. A lot has happened: has been launched – and that’ll be the place where this blog will move to. So yes – this will be my last post from this address (and I’ll have to work out how to re-direct traffic from here to there automatically. Chalk up yet another job to the ever-growing list, huh?) but I’m pretty excited about getting my *own* real estate online, as it were. So hopefully, dear readers, you’ll join me over there?

– in the move from this URL to that one, we discovered that it’s impossible to just hit ‘export’ and get all the site content moved across to the new place. Sure, it’ll move all the text, but bad luck if you had images that you wanted on there. So unfortunately, is devoid of pretty pictures. At the moment. (And another job to do…)

GoodOldTalk, the website I run for Seniors, finally was able to make it back online after being offline for over seven weeks. Which was a HUGE relief, but now leaves me with a lot of stuff to clean up…

– I was able to get the countertop material for BOTH my kitchen and my bathroom and my ensuite (which hasn’t even been built yet) for a HUGE discount; so I’m majorly stoked about that one!

– Miss 8 was finally diagnosed with dyslexia (which I *knew* she had! but no-one believed me…) and she was also diagnosed with Irlen Syndrome as well – so that was pretty cool. Once the diagnosis is made, you can do something about it, huh?!

– Miss 5 decided that she didn’t know how to ‘do things properly’ so she’s been asking us all week “how” to do the simplest of things, like brush her teeth etc etc etc! She wants to learn how to do them better, I guess… and…

– Mr 4 decided that not only could he sit on the toilet – but he could also tell me when he needed to go!!!!! This caused a HUGE celebration!!! πŸ™‚

Well, now it’s time to head into what is shaping up into another huge one. And it’s got me thinking: maybe I should just accept that fact that this life *is* the new ‘normal’ – and just get on with it all?

What do you think?

(Oh, and feel free to leave any comments you may have, here…!)


So this is a little embarrassing. But then again, it’s Maths and counting, and let’s face it, that’s NEVER been my strong point! Perhaps I could blame it on ‘blogging from my iPhone’, perhaps I could blame it on ‘I’ve been on holidays and I’m not checking as well as I should have been’ (actually, I haven’t really been checking at all…!) etc etc etc but the fact remains – I have two ‘Day 8’s” in this #blog12daysxmas challenge. Which is pretty silly. Yes, I *could* reorder the posts, as was suggested by a twitter friend this morning, but no, I won’t. Only cos I’m lazy. Plus I guess I should really own up to my faults and flaws. Keep myself humble etc – which is something that doesn’t happen much, or anywhere near as much as it should!

So yes. This is Day 12 of the #blog12daysxmas challenge, and I must say it seems to be getting easier each year. I am glad I do it. And I’m even more happy that I don’t do this challenge alone, but share it with good friends on twitter, who write about many and varied things and make my online life such a joy.

I probably should have done this at the start, but at the end will have to do. On most days this challenge, I’ve started with “On the xth day of Christmas, my family and me” – and each time, I’ve walked away after blogging, with the ’12 days of Christmas’ in my head. Which has been cool. But I just wanted to state (for Jo’s sake, although she hasn’t picked me up on it yet) that yes, I realise that the grammar I have been using has been entirely incorrect. That it should have been “my family and I”. But that wouldn’t have rhymed, so I chose to write it incorrectly. Sorry to all you grammar fanatics out there!

So. #blog12daysxmas is now finished. And that reminds me that this time last year, I was on the cusp of a different blogging challenge: #blog5daysAustenese – a challenge to write in the “stile” of Jane Austen for 5 days straight. I was joined by 4 others – @jobeaz, @Girlwithshoes, @kalgrl and @jzgarnett Β – as brave as (or is that “as insane as?!”) me. I wonder if they’re up for it again this year? Or a different author’s style maybe? Either way, it’ll be good to continue this daily blogging bit, I think. Even if I can’t count past seven with any reliable certainty of accuracy!

Have a great day, dear readers!

Day 10 #blog12daysxmas

Posted: January 4, 2013 in #blog12daysxmas

On the tenth day of Christmas, my family & me…

– woke up late. Well, later than normal. And by that, I mean 5.58am instead of just-gone-5. “Yes!!!”
– read books, coloured in, stuck stickers, played violin, and explored new games on the Wii
– and I gardened, like I have been since turning off my computer mid-December. And by ‘gardening’, I mean what one of my IRL friends calls ‘extreme gardening’. As in, pulling out fencing, clearing scrub, digging out stumps, taking out saplings etc etc etc
Needless to say, I’m a little bit exhausted tonight. Add in the very late night courtesy my Once Upon A Time marathon, and I feel the very strong need to hit the hay. Soon!
So, dear readers, have a lovely Friday evening, and I shall see you tomorrow!

Day 9 #blog12daysxmas

Posted: January 4, 2013 in #blog12daysxmas, Technology

Yeah, yeah. It’s Day 10 today. Sorry. So yesterday, on the ninth day of Christmas, my family and me…

– cleaned the house in the morning. Because I hadn’t “cleaned” since returning from Hervey Bay on the 29th. Because I’m a grot. I don’t like cleaning. As soon as I win Lotto (Division One) then the first thing I’ll do (after paying off the mortgage, of course) is to employ a housecleaner. Or maybe a housekeeper. Full time. So I don’t have to cook either. Yeah, that’d be good.

– entertained. Miss almost-8 had a friend come visit. It went well. The kids played games, went swimming, ate lunch, and played on the Wii (this year’s birthday ‘presents’, for all three cherubs).

– and then everyone else did whatever while I watched the rest of my Christmas present. Season One of “Once Upon a Time”. Bonus features included. So it was almost 1am when I finally went to bed. But boy, what a great day. I so LOVE what the scriptwriters have done with fairytales. And hearing Robert Carlyle talking about twitter, and the directors talking about mashups, putting Hans Christian Anderson and Brothers Grimm squarely into the age of Web 2.0, is just mind-blowingly cool, in my opinion!

So yeah, that was my 9th day of Christmas. And I must admit, the tenth day is starting off pretty well, too…

Day 8 #blog12daysxmas

Posted: January 1, 2013 in #blog12daysxmas

So today’s New Year’s Day. A day for new beginnings, fresh starts, and clean slates. I absolutely LOVE that idea!
Like most of the planet, I’ll probably make some resolutions today. Start some new things, and hope that I can discipline myself to make them routine, and then habitual. Good things, things that’ll (eventually!) make me a “better person”. That ad springs to mind; the one where the girl says something like, “Now all I have to do is eat better, exercise more, and I’ll be perfectly healthy!” It’s a bit like that, isn’t it. We start the New Year with good intentions… and hope that we make it through to mid-February in keeping them!
Well, I’m also one of those people (yes, call me a coward if you like) who doesn’t share those resolutions. So don’t look to me for any ‘list’ of what I’m going to say that I’ll be doing this year. That’s a little too personal- a little too much accountability for me! But I tell you what; I’ll post them on December 31, 2013, with a report on how I did with the three of them over the course of the year. How’s that sound?
Anyway, I can hear my younger two cherubs stirring, and Miss 7’s up and about already, so I think that I’d better go start being ‘Mum’ again.

My ‘New Year’s Day’ view this morning. Have a great day, dear readers – and Happy New Year!

Day 7 #blog12daysxmas

Posted: December 31, 2012 in #blog12daysxmas

On the seventh day of Christmas, my family and me…
– started a new routine, hopefully! Violin lessons all round, first up on a Monday morning. Hopefully this’ll last longer than my #selfie #photochallenge…
– Hubby cleaned my car, inside & out. How amazing is my man!!!
– I watched Disc 3 of ‘Once Upon a Time’ series 1, with both special features (commentary over episode). Very interesting to hear Robert Carlisle’s thoughts on it all!
– Went to North Lakes. Cos we could. And,
– Not that it’s happened yet, but I’m planning on waking Miss 7 & watching the fireworks with her at midnight… from the ‘crow’s nest’ section of the cubby house, of course!

Happy New Year, dear readers!!! (and check out my car!)


Day 6 #blog12daysxmas

Posted: December 30, 2012 in #blog12daysxmas

On the sixth day of Christmas, my family and me…
– woke late after a very awful night, Miss 7 up twice with sore legs and Mr 3 up too many times to count
– explored the idea of ‘being in a pit’ at church. And left with the thought “When life stinks, remember you need fertiliser to grow”
– spent a lazy afternoon snoozing and watching DVD’s… still working my way through Season 1 of ‘Once Upon a Time’

A lovely day. See you tomorrow, dear readers!

Day 5 #blog12daysxmas

Posted: December 29, 2012 in #blog12daysxmas

On the fifth day of Christmas, my family and me…
– went our separate ways, as Hubby took the kids to Kings Beach Pool and I went clothes shopping at Morayfield. New work; new wardrobe!
– after lunch, the kids & I visited our wonderful neighbour, and enjoyed cooling off in her pool; after which
– I gardened; Hubby rented DVDs, then he cooked tea, I put the kids to bed, then he watched Promethus while I caught up on Twilight numbers 3 and 4a.

A lovely day. See you tomorrow, dear reader!

Day 4 #blog12daysxmas

Posted: December 28, 2012 in #blog12daysxmas, Uncategorized

On the fourth day of Christmas, my family and me…
– left Hervey Bay just before 7am, after a night of kid-free packing and cleaning
– stopped for breakfast at Maryborough McDonalds, then another playground break at Alford Park, Gympie

– made it home by midday, and surprised Hubby who arrived home from fishing ten minutes later
– did a load a washing, fed the kids lunch, then crashed (for over an hour Woohoo!!!)
– went shopping for more clothes detergent… and
– we’re currently tossing up whether or not fish and chips on the beach is a good idea with these clouds… and I just heard thunder…

Oh! It’s good to be home!

Blogging mojo

Posted: December 17, 2012 in #blog12daysxmas

Okay, I know, I know. I’ve been pretty lax in this last couple of weeks, and haven’t managed to post every Monday / Wednesday / Friday, as I had hoped. Sorry, dear readers! Life kinda got in the way – and perhaps Miss 7 being back, home from school, may have had something to do with that busy-ness… but I’m not sure.

Anyway, I need to get my blogging mojo back again, I think, so I’ll be doing #blog12daysxmas again, here on Hmmm… – so this is an open invitation, to anyone who wants to join me! We start December 25, and blog daily for 2 days, on whatever topic you like. This ‘blogging challenge’ was the impetus I needed, and used, to get Hmmm… started three years ago. Maybe it can be yours too?

Think about it! And have a lovely day! πŸ™‚