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I am so truly, incredibly, utterly blessed. I’ve scored a job working in the same school where my daughters go. I get to teach them both Music. I get to look through the windows of their classrooms as I walk around the school. I get to see them at break times, while they’re eating; while they’re playing with their friends. I get to liaise with their teachers about the day-to-day things. And they get to see me as a teacher, which in some respects is a more confortable skin for me than the ‘mother’ skin is.

It’s pretty darn cool, let me tell you!!!


We have, what one of my best friends calls, a ‘postage stamp’ of a house. It’s tiny. It’s 3 bedroom, 1 bathroom cum laundry, with open plan and cathedral ceiling for the lounge / dining / kitchen, so it feels a lot more spacious than it is. But with Hubby, me, and three growing kids, it’s getting smaller and smaller by the month. So we’re planning to extend.

We started with our grand designs. Our pipe-dream of what it was we wanted. Add a parent retreat, double storey of course, so we could take advantage of the views across to the Glasshouse Mountains. Garage. Study. Deck. Ensuite & walk-in wardrobe.

Then we met with a builder, and were rather disappointed when it came to discussing costs. Whittled our plans down. And down again. And again. And again.

Now, we’re happy with our plans. We’re still going to be adding a fourth bedroom (we *really* need to separate Miss 5 and Mr 3) and an ensuite to the Main bedroom, and a little study will adjoin the lounge room, but our overall vision is much, much reduced from our pipedream.

So all we need now is to wait for it to happen! (Oh, and pay for it all, of course!)

Hubby likes to sleep in. Fair enough – he has an extremely intense job, and he needs his recovery time.

I’m an early bird. I’ve never really enjoyed staying in bed when I could be up and doing stuff. (I go to bed late too, but that’s probably an insomnia thing…) I’m always up and about by 6. Often by 5.30 – and regularly, much earlier.

Our kids seem  to follow my ‘early rising’ habits, which Hubby doesn’t particularly appreciate. But it was funny, the conversation the other morning.

Hubby: “You slept in until after 6.30 this morning, [Miss 8]. Well done!”

Miss 8: “Yes, I’m learning. I like sleeping in! I try to sleep in until 7 o’clock on weekdays, but Mummy won’t let me!”

(It was at this point that I choked on my toast. I laughed, hard, for a long time. We have to leave for school before 7.30 if we’re going to get there on time – and getting them ready by 7.30 only happens when they all are out of bed by 6am.)

It was really a very very very funny moment!

Miss 5

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Miss 4 became Miss 5 today. She’s very very very excited about it, but also a little confused that her party isn’t happening today. And the concept of “everyone’s on holidays so we’ll wait until school goes back” *is* a little tricky to understand for someone who only starts school (and therefore has holidays) this year. Her big concern, when she woke up this morning, was that today would just be a ‘normally day’ (her words) like her Daddy’s birthday was yesterday (it was his first day back at work) and so she was trying to insist that today was NOT her birthday, but that her birthday would be the day that she had her party. Cute, huh?

Nevertheless, today is definitely her birthday, the day that, back in 2008, exhausted and in pain, I held her in my arms for the very first time. She looked like her big sister had, blue eyes and dark brown hair (which would later lighten to blonde) and she was SUCH a good baby, right from the get-go. She had an umbilical hernia, and a huge strawberry birthmark on one knee, and when the midwife saw her at her ten-day mark, she discovered that she was also slightly tongue-tied. (No wonder feeding her had been rather painful; she couldn’t latch properly!)

Still an’ all, those were wonderful days, and now they’re precious memories. Like today will be, I’m sure. She’s my middle child, my blondie with blue eyes, my cruisy kid, my clumsy yet giggle-a-minute, talk-under-water-with-a-mouthful-of-marbles kid. I love her to bits and am SOOOOOOO blessed to have her in my life.

Happy birthday, Miss 5!!!

Birthday week

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It’s Sunday the 13th of January. Which means that tomorrow is the start of birthday week.
There are 5 in my immediate family. Hubby & me, our two daughters, and our son. Hubby and both of our daughters all celebrate their birthdays in this coming week.
Hubby’s birthday is the 14th. He turns 41. Miss 4 turns into Miss 5 the following day. Then, on the 20th, Miss 7 becomes Miss 8.
It’s going to be a big week…

The end is nigh?

Posted: December 21, 2012 in Life, Random thoughts
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Well, today is the day. Apparently. Personally, I’m of the very, very, very, very firm opinion that I’ll still be here tomorrow…. but then again, I’ve been wrong before! And I’m pretty sure that, should the world *not* end today, I’ll be wrong again. Just not about this! Because if the world doesn’t end today, then I would have been right, right?!!!!
So anyway, I’m planning on spending this ‘final’ day playing with my cherubs at the beach. How about you?
Oh- and if by chance I’m wrong, then goodbye, dear readers! As someone wiser than me wrote, once upon a time. “So long; and thanks for all the fish!”

Zoo day

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On Saturday, “Baby Bob” Irwin turned 9 years old. And judging by the crowds of people who were at Australia Zoo on the gorgeous sun-filled day, he had a very happy birthday!
We were there, the three cherubs and I, sunscreened to the max and with full water bottles weighing us down. It was a beautiful day!
I had hoped to follow our family favourite – the 10am otter feeding – with the 10.30 Feed the Elephants session… but I had not realised that they’d moved the Elephant feed to outside their enclosure, all the way on the other side of the zoo. Oops! Oh well. Tea cup rides and time on the Jumping Castle soothed Miss 4’s extreme disappointment, and time in the sandpit near the dinosaur ‘cave’ was in order, prior to feeding the baby farm animals and then the midday Croc show. It being Robert’s birthday, he came and fed a croc, as did Bindi; and Terri tried getting a uncooperative Mossman (the Zoe’s largest Salt-Water Croc) to eat a feral pig. We sat up the back, and got a good view of the birds, with a lizard for company next to Miss 7.
Then it was kangaroo feeding time, pony ride time, and elephant feeding time…

Catching up

Posted: November 25, 2012 in Random thoughts
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I can’t believe how quickly this last week has gone. It’s Sunday afternoon and I only blogged once this week!!! (sorry Jo!) I *knew* I was going to be busy… I guess I just figured that I’d still get the odd few minutes here and there to blog. Whoops!
So I spent all day Tuesday in Brisbane, at the Facebook Small Business Bootcamp. As in, a workshop run BY the people from Facebook. It was great; I learned heaps; and will (when time permits) be making numbers of changes to my own Business Facebook page, and the pages of my clients’. So that’s cool!
But Tuesday being gone, that meant that Tuesday’s work needed to be done on Wednesday (as well as Wednesday’s work, of course) and I also needed to plan Thursday’s, because I’d be spending Thursday in Hervey Bay, running a branding photoshoot morning for a client. Home by 5.30pm Thursday to an even bigger backlog of work, plus a house resembling a bombsite because I hadn’t been there…
So now it’s Sunday afternoon. I’m in Hippo House, Morayfield, sporadically looking up to check on my three cherubs amongst the others running around at this birthday party. Yes, I’m being anti-social, blogging on my phone instead of socialising with the other parents. Oh well! I’m sure they don’t mind (it’s hard to carry on a conversation here anyway, due to excited children screams and other various noises) and I’ve really really missed you, dear readers! So. Better late than never??! And here’s hoping that I’ll be back in some kind of routine again this coming week!
Oh crap. I’ve just realised that the week starts tomorrow. 😦

(It’s rather noisy here at the moment…)

Press Here

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I stumbled across the most amazing children’s picture book I have ever seen, at Beerwah Library recently.

It’s called “Press Here” and it’s by Herve Tullet. Published in 2010.

Seriously – you will be as amazed as I was, I have no doubt. So go! Get / borrow / steal a copy of this book, and read it. Now!

(And for my LIS friends – you will actually *want* to read the non-eVersion of this one… trust me!)

Image courtesy

Big day today

Posted: October 31, 2012 in Life
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Wednesday’s tend to be shockers. At least, that’s what I’m starting to realise. It’s a race to get everything done that needs to be done, because generally I find that all 5 of us in the house need to go in five different directions, and generally all at (or around) the same time. Keeping it all together in my head is nigh-on impossible!

But today is slightly different. Today, Mr 3 canNOT go to Beerwah’s ECDP because today is Prep Orientation Day for Miss 4.

Here’s hoping it’s a good one!