Well, my name’s Ceridwyn Bloxham. I live in Paradise, a.k.a. Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. My hubby and three young un’s keep me company, as do two dogs, two tanks (and an outside pond) full of fish, and the multitudinous birdlife in my local area. Unfortunately, about a billion mosquitoes also like to call this place home too, but I rarely blog about them.

Regarding my time, I run Bloxham Marketing, a business which blogs here and I’m partway through a Masters in IT, majoring in Library and Information Science. I run the website goodoldtalk.com – a social network for Seniors – and, just to make life that little more insanely busy & therefore interesting, in January 2013 I started a three day a week Primary Music teaching job. Fun!

You can find me on facebook, LinkedIn, twitter (@KRidwyn), Google plus, and the other major social networks, too, if you like. With a name as unique as mine, I’m not really that difficult to find…

And thanks for dropping by!